dxFeed APIs

dxFeed is an open technology solution that provides data service delivering normalized real-time and delayed market data for exchanges and other financial data sources worldwide, running on a proven and robust open infrastructure and backed by 24×7×365 support. Hosted at premier facilities, in a resilient setup, the dxFeed platform provides a functional layer on top of low latency consolidated data feed.

dxFeed feed handlers are connected directly to the market data sources and our proven data collection and delivery systems are designed to enable a failsafe delivery of high-quality information to clients wherever and whenever they need it, 24×7. Data from all sources that we integrate is available in normalized form via a set of dxFeed APIs, which was specially designed for ease of use. The underlying open QDS infrastructure, which was developed and optimized over years for high-performance and scalability, allows our clients to fully leverage our data distribution and management capabilities.

The technologies we develop have been helping our customers' products to top the lists of Barron’s awards in 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010 with the highest weighted-average score*.

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Java API

With dxFeed Java API you can start receiving your market events writing only several lines of code.
See our example or download:


Market Data API

NameVersionRelease dateSizeFormat
For previous versions of dxFeed Java APIs please check here
dxfeed-bin3.29612/20204.6 MB.zipDownload
dxfeed-javadoc3.29612/2020900 KB.zipDownload
dxfeed-plotter3.29612/20203.1 MB.zipDownload
dxfeed-samples3.29612/20202.1 MB.zipDownload
dxfeed-viewer3.29612/20203.4 MB.zipDownload
dxlib-javadoc3.29612/2020668 KB.zipDownload
qd-core-javadoc3.29612/20201.5 MB.zipDownload


News API

NameVersionRelease dateSizeFormat
news-api3.26901/20191.7 MB.zipDownload


Token-Based Authorization API



Charting Aggregations API



ORCS Multidimensional Aggregation Service API



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With dxFeed C/C# APIs you can start receiving your market events writing only several lines of code.
See our example or download:

NameVersionRelease dateSizeFormat
Minimum system requirements
libc 2.12+
12/202018.8 MB.zipDownload
Minimum system requirements
12/202021.5 MB.zip Download

dxFeed C API at github

dxFeed C# API at github

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JavaScript and REST APIs

Our JavaScript and REST APIs allow easy integration with web-based projects with ready-made widgets and simple queries. See our example or download:


News Web Service API

NameVersionRelease dateSizeFormat
For previous versions of dxFeed JavaScript APIs please check here
dxfeed-webservice3.29207/202013.8 MB.warDownload


Fundamentals API

The service provides a light-weight interface for retrieval fundamental and corporate action data using dxFeed symbology. Please see description for details.

Python and R APIs

Our R and Python APIs allow to easily access our data for further analysis. R API provides seamless integration of R environment with our tick data store and aggregation servers allowing to immediately access market data up to tick level at any past period to validate your models and facilitate model discovery.

Check out dxFeed Python API at github or PyPI.

Please contact us for details.

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dxFeed FIX is an electronic messaging protocol widely adopted by financial institutions. Its messages are based on FIX protocol v4.4.

Please contact us for details.

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