Delayed data

To test dxFeed market data, download dxFeed Viewer, a simple yet powerful terminal allowing to view all the main streaming classes. Check charts and tick data for certain securities with delayed market data feed.

NameVersionSizeOperating System 
dxFeedViewer3.2694.8 MBMacOSDownload
dxFeedViewer3.2694.2 MBUnixDownload
dxFeedViewer3.2695.0 MBWindows 64-bitDownload
dxFeedViewer3.2695.0 MBWindows 32-bitDownload

Market Replay

Please note that for demo purposes we offer free one second-conflated quotes and trades data for one day of «Flash Crash» on May 6, 2010. Please use the following credentials when prompted:

username: demo
password: demo

Demo # 1: online query

Watch Accenture drop under $1 on May 6, 2010 «Flashcrash» from 14:47:52 till 14:48:02:

Demo # 2: /ES futures

Please contact us for more information on historical data services.

dxFeed Inforider Terminal Interface with Historical Data