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dxFeed is an open technology solution that provides data service delivering normalized real-time and delayed market data for exchanges and other financial data sources worldwide, running on a proven and robust open infrastructure and backed by Devexperts 24×7×365 support. Hosted at Devexperts facilities, in a resilient setup, the dxFeed platform provides a functional layer on top of low latency consolidated data feed.

dxFeed feed handlers are connected directly to the market data sources and our proven data collection and delivery systems are designed to enable failsafe delivery of high-quality information to clients where and when they need it, 24×7.

Data from all sources that we integrate is available in normalized form of dxFeed API which was specially designed for ease of use. Underlying open QDS infrastructure which was developed and optimized over years for high-performance and scalability allows our clients to fully leverage our data distribution and management capabilities.

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