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Java API

For market data API, please check dxFeed Javadoc

For News API, please check dxFeed News API documentation

Javascript and REST APIs

For JavaScript and REST examples and tutorial web application, please visit dxFeed Demo Web service

For News Web Service API, please download dxFeed News Web Service API Specification.pdf (661KB)


For FIX API documentation, please download dxFeed FIX Protocol Specification.pdf (1.1 MB)

Basic use-cases in dxFeed API are extremely easy to understand and implement, requiring only 15-20 lines of code for quote listener/printer application. dxFeed offers both test and production environments. The test environment allows developers to test their applications with the dxFeed APIs, to ensure their application is well-integrated with the platform. A restricted set of non-fee-liable exchange data is made available on the test environment. The production environment offers the ability for customers to test using live exchange data, for the purposes of performance and content quality assurance.

To get information on the recent changes in dxFeed market data and APIs, please check Change Notices.

For any additional information, please contact us.