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dxFeed is a subsidiary of Devexperts, with the primary focus of delivering financial markets information and services to buy-side and sell-side institutions of the global financial industry, specifically to traders, data analysts, quants and portfolio managers.

Since its inception, dxFeed has built one of the most comprehensive ticker plants in the world, in addition to offering the broadest range of data services currently available by a single company in its space.

dxFeed today serves over 6 million end-users globally through direct and B2B2C relationships. Data services are streamed to approximately 200,000 end-clients simultaneously, delivering financial information for more than 1.7 million instruments (equities, futures, options, indices, FX, cryptocurrencies, etc.), from a variety of exchanges in North America, Europe and around the world.

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, with offices in New York, Chicago, Istanbul, Porto and Tokyo, the company delivers an unparalleled portfolio of cloud-based data solutions. Among them are on-demand, real-time and historical market data services, reference data and corporate actions, “time machine” market replay, charting and aggregated data services. Also available is fraud detection and advanced calculated data, multi-asset pricing engines, market scanners and alerts, as well as a unique set of index automation and maintenance solutions which are all delivered via a wide-ranging and feature-rich set of APIs and UI tools.

Pioneering the development of the first VR/AR financial data visualization solution, dxFeed also offers a suite of sophisticated data analytics tools and terminals.

dxFeed is proud to work with some of the most recognized experts in the Big Data sector, including those ranked among the top 10 programmers in the world. This has enabled dxFeed to develop one of the most advanced compression, storage, extraction and streaming protocol mechanisms in the industry; seamlessly combining efficiency, reliability and speed. For more information on Devexperts, please visit devexperts.com.


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