Lukka is the institutional source for pricing and valuation of crypto assets. Lukka technology solves the problems of disorganized information in the cryptocurrency industry. 

Partnership of dxFeed and Lukka allows distribution of Lukka reference data and asset pricing products by dxFeed among other specialized data products.

Lukka Prime Data

Lukka Prime Intraday
Gives a near real-time gauge of the market by delivering minute-by-minute asset pricing on a 60 second delay.

Lukka Prime Hourly
Allows for more data capture of minute-by-minute asset prices by reporting on a 60 minute delay.

Lukka Prime End of Day
Ensures maximum accuracy and data capture of minute-by-minute asset pricing by capturing a full day’s trading activity before reporting (T+1 available at 3:30am EST).

years of history

Key Differentiators

  • Aligns to new proposed SEC Valuation Framework
  • GAAP and IFRS guidelines of Fair Value Principle pricing methodology
  • Qualitative and quantitative factors used to assign primary exchange (including region, KYC process, trade volume, etc.)
  • Prices based on executed trade data and verifiable at any given time
  • Multiple years of history
  • Transparency to all underlying data
  • Industry standard for tax, NAV calculations, etc.
  • Manual and automated data quality checks are used to verify pricing
  • SOC 2 Type 2 environment


Lukka Reference data

Lukka provides validated crypto master data and mappings to support trading, operations, finance, and audit functions.

How does it work?

  1. Connects to 50+ sources for a master list of crypto assets.
  2. Cleans, validates, maps, and enriches data for business use.
  3. Distributes crypto reference data via web, files, and API.


  • Maps all three tickers together to account for transactions properly and map to a single identifier for reconciliation and pricing
  • Separates BitTorrent and Blocktrade Token to account for different assets correctly
  • Tracks historical changes and maintain accurate mappings


  • Tracks, normalizes, and maps data across 50+ entities
  • Coverage of 3,500+ crypto assets


  • Information integrated directly from primary sources, including exchanges, pricing providers, and white papers
  • Operational workflow to capture, research, and resolve discrepancies with audit trail


  • Continuous automated monitoring via API for data changes
  • Daily updates of exchange and pricing provider data