dxFeed/QDS API 3.110 released

QDS/dxFeed API 3.110 has incorporated 82 changes since previous public release 3.102.
Important changes to dxFeed API since 3.102 are:
  • Added isSpreadLeg and isExtendedTradingHours flags to TimeAndSale event.
  • Added price type flags to Summary record.
  • Wildcard subscription to events
    • com.dxfeed.api.osub.WildcardSymbol class is introduced to represent “wildcard” subscription symbol.
    • All event types support wildcard subscription with a limitation that lasting events events are not conflated when subscribed to via wildcard and wildcard subscription should not be mixed with regular by-symbol subscription in a single instance of DXFeedSubscription.
  • Ability to publish events via stream
    • All events are published to stream in addition to their regular contracts.
    • Autogenerated xxxEventDelegateFactory classes now clearly show what contracts are used for each record.
  • Message and Configuration events (subscription and publishing)
    • com.dxfeed.event.misc.Message event added; it uses stream contract
    • com.dxfeed.event.misc.Configuration event added; uses ticker contract and supports version for ordered updates
  • CandlePrice.SETTLEMENT introduced
  • Shortened toString representation of market events to make logs more compact and easy to read.
  • Misc performance optimizations
    • List of event and subscription listeners in DXFeedSubscription class is optimized for a common case of a single listener.
  • DXFeed.createConnectedFeed method is removed.  Use DXEndpoint to create connection. See DXFeed class javadoc for details.
  • “com.dxfeed.api.event” package is renamed to “com.dxfeed.event.market”.
    Package contents did not change (the same Quote, Trade, TimeAndSale, etc classes are there).
    DXFeedSubscriptionChangeListener is moved to another package and renamed to ObservableSubscriptionChangeListener.  This change should not affect feed consumers.