dxFeed Live Sample: Cboe Indexes

SymbolDescriptionLastChangeChg %Last Update
DJXCBOE 1/100 DJIA Index
VIXCBOE Volatility S&P 500
Limited demo display. Data delayed at least by 15 min. See disclaimer. Powered by dxFeed JavaScript API. Contact us to discuss your market data needs.

This service consists of index values widely followed in the industry. Before January 1, 2010 most of these indexes were available as a part of OPRA feed. Most index values are updated every 15 seconds during trading hours.

See: Cboe CSMI product page

Data type: Global and U.S. Indexes

Available in:

  • Real-time: direct real-time feed.
  • Delayed: real-time feed delayed by 15 minutes.
  • Historical: complete tick-level historical data up to the previous trading day. Controlled replay and hosted analytics.


We offer:

  • Feed received directly from CBOE, no intermediate vendor delays
  • Efficient in-transit wire data compression
  • Feed handler and messaging infrastructure with low hardware footprint
  • 24×7×365 monitoring and support