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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Analytics

Devexperts revolutionizes financial data analytics bringing it to a new dimension of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Devexperts holographic solution brings together the expertise and state-of-the-art technology from the developers of one of the best options platforms for options traders in the USA and more than 10 years' experience of our fellow traders and analysts. Our VR platform is powered by our low-latency data technology, our cloud analytics platform and our own market data infrastructure with direct connectivity to market centers over the world.

We work to accelerate widespread adoption of VR/AR technology by traditional financial companies (banks, brokers, exchanges), technological FinTech firms and startups around the world in order to improve the customer experience, deliver analytical power, innovative visualizations, gamification and new dimensions of interactivity to user interfaces, and introduce innovative ideas of Mixed Reality collaboration.

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Devexperts is a proud VRARA FinTech Committee co-chairing member.