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NYSE LIFFE U.S. (historical)

NYSE Liffe US (now part of ICE Futures U.S.) provided global market participants access to a fully electronic, liquid marketplace featuring a broad range of products: Real-time feed is now part of the ICE Futures U.S. datafeed, historical tick data is available via Devexperts historical tick data services.

Precious metal futures and options

  • 33.2oz Mini-sized Gold Futures
  • 1,000oz Mini-sized Silver Futures
  • Gold Futures
  • Silver Futures
  • Options on 33.2oz Mini-sized Gold Futures
  • Options on 1,000oz Mini-sized Silver Futures

Stock index futures based on foreign and domestic MSCI indices

  • mini MSCI EAFE Index
  • mini MSCI Emerging Markets Index
  • mini MSCI EM Latin America Index
  • mini MSCI World Index
  • mini MSCI Canada Index
  • mini MSCI EAFE Net Total Return (NTR) Index
  • mini MSCI EM Net Total Return (NTR) index
  • mini MSCI USA Index
  • mini MSCI USA Growth Index
  • mini MSCI USA Value Index
  • mini MSCI Pan-Euro Index
  • mini MSCI Euro Index
  • mini MSCI Europe Index
  • mini MSCI Europe Growth Index
  • mini MSCI Europe Value Index

A comprehensive suite of US interest rate derivatives, including Eurodollar and U.S. Treasury futures

  • Futures on DTCC GCF Repo Index Products
  • 2 Year U.S. Treasury Futures
  • 5 Year U.S. Treasury Futures
  • 10 Year U.S. Treasury Futures
  • U.S. Treasury Bond Futures
  • Ultra U.S. Treasury Bond Futures
  • Eurodollar Futures

Data type: U.S. Futures

Available in:
  • Historical: Complete tick-level historical data up to previous trading day. Arbitrary portions controlled replay and hosted analytics.
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