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The NYSE Euronext Global Index Feed (GIF) will be the primary source of US real-time index and exchange-traded product valuations data from NYSE Euronext. GIF has been created to support advanced trading methodologies and dissemination frequency required for todays’ index and exchange-traded product calculations. Real-time publication of NYSE index data including: NYSE, ARCA, AMEX and other indices (e.g. fixed income, strategy) Third-party index values (e.g. DB Liquid Commodity, Wisdom Tree, Wilder Hill New Energy and others) Exchange-traded product (ETP) data, including: Segmented ETF IOPV values and static portfolio data Intraday Portfolio Values (IPVs) Daily valuation information including: Net Asset Value (NAV), shares outstanding, estimated cash per unit creation, total cash per unit creation, and dividends.
Data type: Global and U.S. Indexes
Available in:
  • Real-time: direct real-time feed.
  • Delayed: real-time feed delayed 15 minutes.
  • Historical: Complete tick-level historical data up to previous trading day. Arbitrary portions controlled replay and hosted analytics.
We offer:
  • Feed received directly from NYSE;
  • Configurable conflation and throttling to control downstream systems pressure;
  • Efficient in-transit wire data compression;
  • Feed handler and messaging infrastructure with low hardware footprint;
  • 24×7×365 monitoring and support.