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Nasdaq Mutual Fund Dissemination Service (MFDS)

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The Mutual Fund Quotation Service (MFQS) facilitates the collection and dissemination of daily price and corporate action data for mutual funds, money market funds, unit investment trusts (UITs), annuities and structured products to the public.

See: Nasdaq MFQS product page

Data type: U.S. Mutual Funds

Available in:
  • Real-time: Nasdaq direct MFDS data feed.
  • Delayed: midnight.
  • Historical: complete tick-level historical data up to previous trading day. Arbitrary portions controlled replay and hosted analytics.
We offer:
  • Feed received directly from Nasdaq;
  • Configurable conflation and throttling to control downstream systems pressure;
  • Efficient in-transit wire data compression;
  • Feed handler and messaging infrastructure with low hardware footprint;
  • 24×7×365 monitoring and support.