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NYMEX Emissions (ex-Green Exchange)

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NYMEX Emissions futures and options contracts are designed to ensure efficiency and standardisation of key environmental markets in Europe and the US, and offer a risk management and propriety trading tool for the following environmental products:

  • European Union Allowances (EUAs)
  • UN-certified Certified Emissions Reduction Units (CERs)
  • US Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative carbon allowances (RGGI)
  • US emissions allowances (SO2 and NOx)
  • Californian Carbon Allowances (CCAs)

Data type: U.S. Futures

Available in:
  • Real-time: real-time direct feeds.
  • Delayed: real-time feed delayed 10 minutes.
  • Historical: Complete tick-level historical data up to previous trading day. Arbitrary portions controlled replay and hosted analytics.
We offer:
  • Feed received directly from CME, no intermediate vendor delays;
  • Configurable conflation and throttling to control downstream systems pressure;
  • Efficient in-transit wire data compression;
  • Feed handler and messaging infrastructure with low hardware footprint;
  • 24×7×365 monitoring and support.