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dxScript Market Scanner

Market scanner is the comprehensive technical & fundamental analysis tool for Equities, Derivatives and FX markets. It helps to solve some of the most complicated questions in financial industry:

  • how to find the right instruments for investment
  • how to get real-time triggers for trades
  • The Market Scanner is a service that can be connected to your application or website via dxFeed API.
  • It allows you to type in your own criteria based on all major technical indicators. The search is performed on tick resolution from real-time data coming from all major US and European exchanges.

Unique advantages:

  • Streaming triggers for the actionable trades based on Real-time market data
  • User-friendly language to describe filtering conditions
  • Unbeatable coverage: analyze the entire universe of U.S. and European equities, ETFs and derivatives, global indices, funds and foreign exchange markets
  • Ability to test strategies on historical market data — benefiting from Devexperts cloud store of aggregated and tick level data and market replay «time machine»
  • Increased precision of trading signals through the use of fundamental and technical data sources for analysis, with potential to run on the full set of global fundamentals with more than 1200 data points

dxScript Market Scanner mini-site: