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dxFeed JavaScript API and HTML widgets are now available

For easy and seamless integration of market data with web-based projects dxFeed now provides native JavaScript API and a number of ready-made widgets reducing the task of web-display of market data to designing html elements and binding them to data fields — in a few lines of code.

We run sample demo feed to try out our API with delayed data and limited subscription for testing the technology:

dxFeed Live Sample

Symbol Description Last Bid Ask Open Low High Volume Change Chg % Updated
AAPLApple Inc
CSCOCisco Systems Inc
GOOGGoogle Inc
INTCIntel Corporation
MSFTMicrosoft Corporation
AXPAmerical Express
BACBank of America
PFEPfizer Inc
XOMExxon Mobil
$ADVNNYSE Advancing
$DECNNYSE Declining
$UNCNNYSE Unchanged
Limited demo display. Data delayed at least 15 min. See disclaimer.
Powered by dxFeed JavaScript API.
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dxFeed Daily Chart Sample

Limited demo display. Data delayed at least 15 min. See disclaimer.
Powered by dxFeed JavaScript API.
Contact us to discuss your market data needs.

Please contact us for more information on dxFeed JavaScript API.