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dxFeed/QDS 3.203 has been released

dxFeed/QDS 3.203 has been released to public.
Available at:

Build 3.203 introduces a number of changes since the last public build 3.200, in preparation to the upcoming 3.230+ public releases.

Summary of changes in build 3.203: 

** Defect Report

QD-714 History snapshot mode is not activated when initial data was without snapshot begin flag
QD-718 NullPointerException in AbstractIndexedEventModel
QD-721 QDS Post Tool does not support event flags
QD-727 BUG FIX: IllegalArgumentException in CheckedTreeSimpleTest
QD-730 RecordBuffer maxObFields tracking optimization is broken
QD-737 dxFeedAPI OrderBookModel hang/NPE in CheckedTreeList
QD-738 dxFeed REST API shall support comma-separated as well as repeated query parameters
QD-740 Tools: Sending data via pipe to post tool fails.
QD-750 Dynamic IPF filters: memory leak
QD-758 RecordBuffer.compact does not always properly cleans up
QD-765 Cannot receive data when connecting using 3rd party scheme to dxFeed scheme
QD-767 dxFeed REST API eventSource fails to create session sometimes
QD-769 Tools: Instruments tool shall fill TRADING_HOURS field for created products.
** Change Request
QD-387 Use record description from receiving data distributor to send only fields that are present in the scheme on the receiving side
QD-679 dxFeed REST API shall have auto-generated human-readable documentation
QD-681 dxFeed REST service demo shall provide links to event documentation
QD-713 dxlib: update gzip mime type and move utility classes to public package
QD-716 Support specifying time when subscription is set with dxfeed.qd.subscribe.history
QD-717 Transforms shall warn on use of undeclared variables
QD-720 History Snapshot protocol shall include SNAPSHOT_SNIP flag for compatibility with HistorySubscriptionFilter
QD-724 Tools: Instruments tool shall support transheader command in scripts
QD-725 Add methods to transform single InstrumentProfile
QD-726 Tools: Instruments tool shall support multi-line transforms command in scripts
QD-729 Tools: Instruments tool shall support transform performance option.
QD-731 Support ":" character in qd symbol patterns without additional escaping
QD-733 Tools: Collector option in tools shall support storeEverything mode for history contract.
QD-734 IPF: New transform functions to quickly check symbol category.
QD-735 dxFeed REST API shall support Server-Sent Events EventSource
QD-741 IPF: Support multiple labels in switch statement.
QD-742 Introduce RecordSource.VOID constant
QD-746 dxFeed REST API shall have option to create a session and change its subscription
QD-748 IPF: Support IPF files in in and notin expressions.
QD-749 OrderBookModel shall work correctly with tape files without SNAPSHOT_END flags
QD-751 dxFeed API: Introduce OrderBookModel.addListener, clean up flags, and improve JavaDoc
QD-752 dxFeed API: Add HighLimitPrice and LowLimitPrice to Profile event and record.
QD-753 Support wildcard pattern in any place of symbol filter
QD-756 dxFeed API CandleSymbol shall include documentation on its string representation
QD-757 CollectorMXBean shall print eventFlags in reportData, introduce reportSubscription, and support wildcard
QD-759 Schedule: add last modification date to default properties
QD-764 Synchronize iterations on the results of System.getProperties
** Improvement
QD-732 dxFeed webservice: Migrate to CometD 3.0.4, works with Servlet 3.0+JSR 356 containers (Jetty 9, Tomcat 8)
QD-755 IPF: Add COMPLETED state to InstrumentProfileConnection



dxFeed JavaScript API and HTML widgets are now available

For easy and seamless integration of market data with web-based projects dxFeed now provides native JavaScript API and a number of ready-made widgets reducing the task of web-display of market data to designing html elements and binding them to data fields — in a few lines of code.

We run sample demo feed to try out our API with delayed data and limited subscription for testing the technology:

dxFeed Live Sample

Symbol Description Last Bid Ask Open Low High Volume Change Chg % Updated
AAPLApple Inc
CSCOCisco Systems Inc
GOOGGoogle Inc
INTCIntel Corporation
MSFTMicrosoft Corporation
AXPAmerical Express
BACBank of America
PFEPfizer Inc
XOMExxon Mobil
$ADVNNYSE Advancing
$DECNNYSE Declining
$UNCNNYSE Unchanged
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Powered by dxFeed JavaScript API.
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dxFeed Daily Chart Sample

Limited demo display. Data delayed at least 15 min. See disclaimer.
Powered by dxFeed JavaScript API.
Contact us to discuss your market data needs.

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