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HSI:HKHang Seng
N225:JPNikkei 225
STI:FTSESingapore ST
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The Hang Seng Index ("HSI") is one of the earliest stock market indexes in Hong Kong. Publicly launched on 24 November 1969, the HSI has become the most widely quoted indicator of the performance of the Hong Kong stock market.

Nikkei calculates and publishes various types of the indexes such as the "Nikkei Stock Average (Nikkei 225)" which is known as a representative Japanese stock market indicator, and the "JPX-Nikkei Index 400" which is jointly calculated with Japan Exchange Group and Tokyo Stock Exchange.

FTSE has partnered with Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and the Singapore Exchange (SGX) to jointly calculate the Singapore stock market's main benchmark, the Straits Times Index (STI), and to create a broader series of indices for the Singapore market representing various sized companies, sectors and themes. The indices are suitable for benchmarking purposes and as tools in the creation of financial products such as institutional and retail funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), derivatives contracts and other index-linked products. The family includes:

  • Straits Times Index (STI) - the 30 top eligible companies within the FTSE ST All-Share Index universe. The index is delivered on an intra-second streaming basis.
  • FTSE ST All Share Index – representing 98% of Singapore market capitalisation, the FTSE ST All Share index is the aggregation of the FTSE ST Large, Mid and Small Cap indices.
  • FTSE ST Large & Mid Cap Index - comprised of Large & Mid capitalised companies and representing approximately 86% of SG market capitalisation.
  • FTSE ST Mid Cap Index - comprised of mid capitalised companies not covered by the FTSE ST Large cap index and represents approximately 18% of SG market capitalisation.
  • FTSE ST Small Cap Index - comprised of small capitalised companies not covered by the FTSE ST Large & Mid cap index and represents approximately 12% of SG market capitalisation.

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